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Puppy Class - 8 Weeks

Our Puppy Course is designed to take you and your puppy from the very basics and help you develop those so-important life skills with your puppy.

It is an eight week course and covers all the basic behaviours such as sit, down, recall, lead walking and stay through to more complex behaviours, generalisation and clicker training.

The course is intensive and designed to build puppy and owner skills week-on-week. It is still designed to be fun though; with many opportunities to learn fun behaviours and learn how to enrich your puppy’s life and brain through training.

The course also includes a project to be undertaken, homework, 17 handouts and several other exercises such as “on the bed” “touch” and “targeting”.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for all puppies and all owners!

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Socialisation is a critical part of your puppy’s life. However, it is very often not very well understood and is frequently carried out too late, incompletely or causing distress to the puppy.

Who is it for?

Suitable for puppies of 8 to 16 weeks of age (by the end of the course) , with a maximum of 4 puppies in the class with 2 instructors.

As socialisation (up to 12 weeks of age) has been found to be so crucial we do take puppies from their first vaccination, as recent research suggests that puppies are protected after the first vaccination. Please do, however, read the following leaflet and discuss this fully with your vet if you would like to come after the first vaccination.

Leaflet on vaccination and socialisation

Puppy Socialisation - 2 Weeks

120103_Merial_Puppy_leaflet_final.pdf New puppy owner Q & A Session

Whatever you’d like to ask this two hour session will answer those questions!

A relaxed atmosphere with plenty of tea, coffee and refreshments on hand this session will give you the opportunity to ask a highly qualified instructor and behaviour counsellor all those little questions in person.

Talk to other new and prospective puppy parents and share experiences.

Many books out there on raising a puppy are inaccurate, scientifically unsound and written by people without a background in animal science.